About the author – Patrick Lefler

I am the founder of The Spruance Group – a management consultancy that provides strategic solutions to growing firms in both the financial services and software sectors. The Spruance Group empowers companies to grow faster by focusing on what creates value for your customers and eliminating everything that doesn’t. There is a direct relationship between focusing on what clients value and bottom line results and the competitive advantage is enormous for companies who concentrate on these types of activities.

Most everything I’ve learned in business has come out of the three major experiences in my life. My leadership expertise comes from working side-by-side and leading some really outstanding men and women while serving as a officer and pilot in the United States Marine Corps. My critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills come from my experience as a bond trader for Goldman, Sachs & Co. And my sales and marketing knowledge comes from my near decade-long experience with the software firm, Wall Street Systems – a Warburg Pincus portfolio company.

I’m very fortunate to have had exceptional education opportunities. I studied engineering at the United States Naval Academy and graduated with the great Class of 1980. Six years later, I began my post-graduate studies at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with an M.B.A. in 1988.

In between these experiences and raising a family, I’ve run a number of different marathons including four Boston Marathon finishes and climbed a number of high peaks in both the United States and South America.

I support three major causes.

Locally, I support the Somerset Hills Education Foundation whose mission is to promote and provide education opportunities through innovative programs and projects for the benefit of the students here in the Somerset Hills School District.

On a regional level, I support the Appalachian Mountain Club which promotes the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Appalachian region. It is also our nation’s oldest outdoor recreation and conservation organization.

And most importantly, I support the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund which provides financial assistance and quality of life solutions for Marines, Sailors and other military personnel assigned to Marine Forces, injured in combat, training, or with life threatening illnesses, and their families. The fund provides relief for immediate financial needs that arise during hospitalization, recovery and rehabilitation.



  1. You humble me, Patrick. I am so proud of you, cousin!

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