Posted by: Patrick Lefler | February 2, 2010

The first of many…

A little introduction…First of all, my name is Pat Lefler and I am the founder of The Spruance Group – a management consultancy that provides strategic solutions to growing firms in both the financial services and software sectors. The Spruance Group empowers companies to grow faster by focusing on what creates value for your customers and eliminating everything that doesn’t. There is a direct relationship between focusing on what clients value and bottom line results and the competitive advantage is enormous for companies who concentrate on these types of activities.

Second, I believe that in today’s world – a world where the global competitive forces are squeezing businesses from every angle – your number one priority should be to focus on what delivers value for your customers – activities that are not only valued by the customer but ones where the customer is willing to pay for them. The corollary to this is that processes that exceed what customers value (and offer no other benefits) are waste and should be eliminated.

Third, I believe that focusing on customer value extends from not only the product (or manufacturing) side of the business, but it also extends to the customer support, marketing and sales sides of the business. It’s not enough to focus all your efforts on delivering a product that customers value and will pay for – you must also apply this same methodology to the “soft” sides of the business where it’s much more difficult to identify what matters (and what doesn’t) for your customers, but where the waste and inefficiencies are substantial.

More on this topic and others later…


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